Fresh beginnings


Today, I woke to the sound of my blaring alarm clock that broke the silence of dawn once the clock struck 6:45. I woke up with a start, slightly groggy and tired at the same time. It was completely silent with not a single sound. These are the best morning especially when the shiny sun streams into your room uninvited. Today was, you guessed it, the first day of school for me. To be quite honest with you I was slightly excited. As some of you might already know, I live in Ireland. Here, once you enter secondary school you are expected to prepare for the Leaving Certificate which is a State exam at the end of the 5-6 years you spent in school. This year is my last year, and I’m in 6th year now. *biting her nails out of nervousness* And today started out okay. I had an assembly, which was expected, received my new locker, and met with friends etc.

But nothing could describe the overwhelming feeling of finally being at the last year of school. I just don’t know the right word for it. Happiness. Bliss.Euphoria. From my first year up until today, I have waited and anticipated for so long. And finally, I will almost reach it by completing the Leaving Cert. This means I will have to work super hard to not only get the points I need for the University I want to get into but also to succeed this year. I’m sure many of you have felt this way before as if the “world is at your fingertips” and I honestly 100% sure this year will be the biggest change in all my 16 years.

This year, there are many things I want to change when I start. First I want to become more open to my peers. I’m not really sure how you readers perceive me. But I’m actually very queit. Truthfully I don’t have a lot of friends that are close to me, and I think I only have one true friend. But thankfully I discovered WordPress which is a whole different community that I am growing to love!

Dear Readers, are you in that stage of your life when things are starting to get complicated or just what you imagined them to be? Whatever your answer is I truly hope everything goes well even if you didn’t plan it.  Here’s a motivational quote to end/start your day!

I LOVE Quotes! Do you?



Hope you have a good day and see you in the next blog!




Nature calls

It’s not what you are thinking, in fact, it’s far from it. Today’s blog is about my trip to St. Stephen’s Green, a park in the middle of Dublin City centre. This park has always been a part of my childhood and for many years my mom would always bring me to this place when we visit Dublin. It was always a pleasant place for me because during this time we would always have food to feed the hungry pigeons and rowdy ducks.Then I would attempt to chase down them in hopes of touching them. It was certainly a marvelous experience. One thing I remember very explicitly was standing beside a passive aggressive swan about to smile for the camera, feeling very nervous and restlessness. Then, before the anticipating camera snapped nature surely called for him/her. Now I know how it worked for them….so I guess the title sort of relates? Believe me, it was not intentional!

So after many years, life got hectic when I entered secondary school and became mainly focused on mountains and mountains of school works and study. Then I grew up and forgot about those magical memories spent there. Today those precious moments resurfaced from my the back of my mind again. The feeling is synonymous with finding and cherishing something you belonged long ago when you were a child/adult- whether it was an old rag doll, a scruffy teddy bear that looks like its half beaten to death or a forgotten elegant locket the feeling is always mutual.  To never forget these moments- not that I would ever forget them I have taken some pictures to complete the trip.

Lake view #1


Lake view #2


Huddling ducks photoshoot


Little waterfall. Do you spot the crane?

Hope you enjoyed reading it and have a good day.


“a stolen life.”

Life has been mundane these few days as summer is almost over and school will not start until a few weeks later. Today is a rainy day, so I’ve decided to read today. The book of the day was “a stolen life” by Jaycee Duggard.

In this story, it revolves around the perspective of the author who retells the story of her kidnapping when she was just 12 years old. Through this biography,I gained insight into the power of perseverance and hope that the human mind can create. Jaycee Duggard is a perfect example of this, because even though she was held captive by her kidnappers for 18 years she did not give up hope. Along the way she has met some awesome friends who were always close to her heart and they usually came in furry sizes. Any guesses? She also gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters and has emphasized to us, the readers how important they were to her. But her story was not all roses and daisies, she had to endure years of waiting for the people she put a lot of faith into to save her. She had to will herself to stay strong when she was raped. But most of all she had to struggle to live. I don’t think I did a good job describing the awful conditions Jaycee went through but I think I can honestly tell you how I feel about it.

Naru- my sister’s cat. 2013-2016  RIP (Photo Credit: My Sister) 

Reading this is an eye-opener for me because it left me much more aware of the world. This made me understand that even right now as I write this, someone in the world out there is living the life of a prisoner even when they do not deserve it. It may not be just a kidnapping but also prostitution or maybe an abusive relationship that nobody knows about. Recently, I read an article on child prostitution in Brazil that really came into the spotlight because of the Olympics which will attract more “customers.” I’ve never felt so ignorant when I read about this, but I was also glad to see some people helping these poor girls who had no choose but to work this way in order to feed her family. It might even surprise you to find these things happening right under your nose without your knowledge. It’s strange to know how different our lives are even when we live in the same world.

Good Day!



S. Korea 2016

Good afternoon all! This year my sister and I have planned on ticking Korea off of our bucket list and so, a few a took a 15-hour flight with layovers all the way to said country.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t write every single day when I was there in Korea. It has been very busy and I did not have a lot of time to write. However, today I want to update about the things I have done over the last couple of weeks since I went and hopefully, it will give you an insight into this beautiful country that is Korea!

So, when I first arrived we took the train to Daegu and stayed a couple of days. In that time we went to Daegu’s downtown and visited many small local clothes shops that were very beautiful and nice. Many of these shops sold a wide variety of clothes that many main street brands wouldn’t even consider (and I actually think they are way better.) There were many things that really surprised me too. For instance,the respect people have for each is on a whole different level. Most of you will probably know that the Korean language has a formal and informal way of speaking but did you know that the way you do things also needs to be considered? For instance, you cannot lift your rice bowl and cup it in your hands around it while eating? This one really shocked me because at home I would normally do that out of habit to get the remaining rice out of the rice bowl and into my mouth. Another thing is you always have to wear slippers when in the bathroom even when you are taking a shower!

Anyways, since I went there I am grateful for the amazing opportunities I had to be able to see these amazing destinations. At Korea, I visited four places in total and even though my vacation was short I was able to see just as much and do some shopping along the way too!


This city is not as big as Seoul but it has its own significance. It is the fourth largest city in Korea and a fun fact about it is, it is hotter than the Korea’s biggest city. This is because Daegu is enclosed in mountain ranges that stop the winds from blowing into the area making it warmer- an average of 30-35 degrees if you want to know. Daegu’s downtown is the highlight of it and definitely  worth exploring. Beautiful shops and cafés line every street and corner and none of them disappointed me. It was nice to see the change of not having well-known brands like Hollister, Abercombie and finch, Zara, H&M etc. Instead, they had little shops that sold more beautiful and better clothes. This always makes me think how overrated these brand names are.


Busan downtown


Busan was our next destination. It is a famous tourist place beside the sea with beautiful views of beaches and lovely breezes. It was definitely cooler than Daegu and Seoul combined. Here we visited the “Busan Sea Life Aquarium.” Honestly, it was a good experience however I would say it was not the most enjoyable aquarium I have visited. It was mostly directed at younger children and quite small in size.

Here in Busan, we couldn’t miss Gamcheon Culture Village that had the prettiest tiny houses.


Jeonju was a small town we visited,it was so small you could walk around it in just a single day! The allure of this town was its traditional Korean clothing that people could wear around the village. There I got to try on my first Hanbok. They also had fried octopus and squid which I tried and was Delicious!


Last but not least was Seoul.I was able to stay here for at least four days before I went on the return flight back home.

While I was at Seoul I has the chance of visiting the Royal Palace. It was super big and amazing but super hot too. I would not recommend people going there in summer in the 30℃ plus heat because you will literally be roasted alive. However, even so, I did have an amazing time. It’s always very interesting to see what people of status used to live in years ago.

Going home was a somewhat bittersweet. At the same time, I was so glad to go back home and I realized how much I missed it. Other than that I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for me next summer and where I will go. Maybe solo? Any ideas people have for a perfect solo country?