Stars in others

Some people are like stars,

They shine in what they are not in who they are,

Even in the darkness they find the light,

they find hope and they live to see others appreciate their glory,

Once in a while they fly to inspire dreams,

they make people believe,

And before they die their radiance glows the brightest

in selflessness, they breathe

until the last breath but not before lighting ardor in people’s heart.

Dear readers, thank you for giving my thoughts and musings/poems a chance. I have never been a natural poet. Here’s my attempt at developing a better relationship with words. This poem is for all those people who are the light in the life of others and the people who are precious to me in my life.  They remind me of the brightest stars out there and they give me so much hope when I feel like I can’t go on anymore. I feel very grateful and lucky to have these people in my life.

Happy Reading!



Why is life like this? |Thoughts

Looking around the world I see so many things that make me want to cry and angry at the same time. And every day I see what used to be houses turned into crumbling rocks and dust at the feet of families who live in them. I see young children with sad eyes and traumatised faces-innocent little things that should not have to endure and suffer what they have not done. And every day as I go to school and sit in the many tedious classes I have I realize how lucky I am and blessed for the life my parents have worked hard to give me. But I also am aware of how useless I am to do anything.

Afterall, I am just a 17 year old girl. A girl living a life of study, school, exams, and dance and yet, I feel so helpless. I often wonder if everyone feels the same? Do they care? I see my teacher talk about many things but nothing that strikes the topic of what we should care about. People go about their daily lives and feel indifferent to the other people and the world around them. They find means to isolate themselves when in fact this is not the right way at all.

I can only hope people have learned from mistakes from the past and strive to distinguish situations for what is right. Looking at it in a positive light, I think these challenges are good for our world today. The world would a dull place if there weren’t any adversities to overcome right? And, of courses somehow they give us the chance to play heroes. Then everyone will have their own happy ever afters.

Dear readers, what do you think of today’s crisis, I would love to know.

As always, have a good day and see you in my next post.


 You need a little challenge to keep you going.

Trinity College. A picture I took of a University while I was on an open day, isn’t it beautiful?

Good evening everybody! So, lately I haven’t been posting very much than I would like to. My life is currently a whirlwind of school, exams, study and a long awaited mid-term breaks. So you can probably imagine how crazy my life is. In about a weeks time I will taking mock exams which will prepare me for the real thing in May and June. I’m slightly nervous and anxious and doing everything I can to remember all the material out of my seven subjects
Lately, I have felt very down. I found myself complaining from which wasn’t what I normally do. Sure I complain from time to time but this time it was extremely consistent.I realized what I was doing and thought about it for a moment and calmed myself down.
Then, I went to class like usual.

On that particular day I had a class with a teacher who knew we were under a lot pressure and she has taught something I will neve forget.

“challenge yourself against the negative thoughts. And this shall pass.”

When you read this I will still be probably doing my exams. And there will certainly be more consistent updates from now on. So, here a little thing I learnt today and maybe it might of taught you something.

All the best. And have a nice day!