Running Running running….

Where I love to run. ❤️

Recently I saw the London Alethics 2017 on BBC and it has got me extremely motivated to get moving. Coincidentally it collided with a new habit I am trying to form, and this was running.  

I have been running for almost 4 weeks, currently on my fifth. Thus, it is about a month since I have started. Unfortunately, the unpredictable weather here is quite a nuisance that forever prevents me to run as I want to every morning.  

In previous times I have ran for only a couple of weeks until I called it quits. I don’t real remember why. But I do know it had something to do with my sister who was my running budding returning to the City to study. Since then I haven’t been running until now. 

Honestly I think it is one of the best decisions I have made. And I think you should do it too! 

I used to be extremly self conscious but now I don’t feel it anymore. Perhaps it’s because I have taken the first step in stepping out the door that it has made me more confident.

After my first run I realised it wasn’t so bad and it was something I could grow to love. Never in my whole life would I think this way. 🤣
Then I saw a documentary called “Born to Run” on YouTube about the Kenyan runners and their aspirations to become great runners and I was immediately filled with great motivation to run. 

The next day I ran my first mile without stopping to walk and it was also my first time running 8km. I was thrilled about it! What was even stranger is that I felt like I wanted to run more and I didn’t want to go home! I have never felt this way before with running! It was super strange but at the same time exhilarating. 

Even as I write this I am looking forward to my next run. Perhaps it has inspired you to consider running too? Give it a go, I know for sure it will be worth it. 😉

Here’s a quote that I believe is extremly relevant to this post. Do you think so? If so get moving! Maybe it’s not running but something like horse riding, dancing, yoga that you are interested in. Either way keep moving; lest you want to have a sore butt for sitting too long! Hahahaha.   It may be funny but true! 

Have an amazing day everyone! 



Earth Overshoot day and Gratitude


This was actually a small hill. I always feel like I’m going to fall down when I run down it! 😂
These wild flowers are everywhere!

On August the 4th was Earth Overshoot day, and I only heard about it for the first time. It was only when I was looking through my Instagram account from WWF did I know of this day. To think I have been on this earth for 17 years and still did not know anything about it! It is quite appalling! Do you know what it is about?


If you don’t know what it is I will tell you.  #earthovershootday marks the day where mankind has consumed all the natural resources than nature can give. What’s worst is that this day was marked earlier than it should be, seven months to be precise. 😦

I know this is extremely depressing but it must be addressed to let the world know how serious the problem of damaging the earth is, let alone climate change. It’s a sad reality.

On a brighter note, because of this awareness, it has made me more conscious of the beautiful earth we live in. Perhaps the reason why people are not respecting and caring the earth is that they don’t get to experience its splendor. They have not traveled to see the real world, of green lush fields, snow-capped mountains, and clear crystal rivers.

Nowadays kids are brought up in cities, not because their parents want to but perhaps because it is the most convenient place for both parents and children. And whilst they do seem to be able to see nature’s wonders in books, nothing compares to being physically present in these places.

I’m glad I live in rural areas, everyone is so much more animated and expressive. While city life can be exciting, it can be overwhelming at the same time, though I do love it!

Lately, I have been running during the mornings by myself and I can’t help myself by stopping to take some pictures.


I run under this trial. It has made my running life so much easier especially since the trees are there to shade me when I am hot and the sun is burning. 😉
 I hope this post is insightful and by no means is it to make your day depressing! I just want to make people more aware of what is really happening. But I know we are all helping the best we can. There is still hope!

 Whoever is reading this I hope you have an awesome day! See you in my next post.

Much love

May xx

Out into the Woods


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I went on a journey out of the woods or more precisely into the dense woodlands/grassland of what used to be the Isle of Green. A.k.a Ireland. I

wasn’t alone though on this trip I was among many other people who had to carry out an ecology trip/study in a grassland/woodland and luckily my school has chosen phoenix park/Dublin Zoo to carry out this ecology trip and I am very grateful for that. After, 3 hours of gruelling hard work we were finished with it and were left to wander on our own around the Zoo which was a Superb reward.
It was my first time in Dublin Zoo actually since 2/3 years ago when I went with my family. Back then I did not realize how suffocating and enclosing these closures were for the animals. Now that I am back I feel so miserable but at the same time awed at the beauty and wonder of these creatures. The Animals seemed all to be in good health and was probably affected by the cold weather as I was. Who knew the cold would come so soon! I did not get to see all animals as I had to return to our bus to go back home. Fortunately, I brought my camera with me and took some decent pictures. I did not take all the animals because I feel quite guilty for being that annoying tourist that flashes and points their cameras in every direction of the animals. However, I did try to take these pictures subtlely and that kind of made me feel better.

Favourite Shot! I love this one because I have never made a close up on a wild animal before


Bone of a whale




Orangutans chillin in their groove.




Red monkeys who were actually fighting…




I’m really happy with this shot. It looks so natural.


Lively sea lions




Snapshot of Summer


I really love how blue the sky is in contrast to the green. Do you see the mansion?


Happy Sunday Everyone! When I woke up today it was especially bright and sunny outside for the first time in a long while during this week. The temperature here has suddenly decreased very dramatically for the past few and even though the thermometer indicates this change,it does not justify how cold it has gotten.

Anyways, today I went out on a morning walk around nine-ish and was very happy to see how lovely the weather was- blue skies and not a single cloud to be seen. Generally, in Ireland the weather is very rainy and even if there is sunshine it doesn’t last very long. Rain is very common especially in the month of September. And since it is Autumn now it was sort of unusual to be woken up by sunlight streaming into your room uninvited.

I made the most of it though and during my walk, I took a lot of pictures of the park I walked in. Today was the day I took snapshots of Summer before it came to and end and also before autumn arrives.

Love this photo too!


I used Panorama for this. ft. my shadow on the right. 😉
A trial I was walking and the best part is I caught a person in action! It adds to the photo really.
More pictures of beautiful trees. The trees here are actually humongous and are probably thousands of years old, I had to really bend my back to take this one.
A swan that couldn’t stop following us, I think it thought we had food for it. I’m glad I got this photo. PC: My Mom


Another tree photoshoot. ft. a dog that wasn’t intentional. Just so happens he/she was passing through. But I think it makes the photo so much  prettier.


Another view of the trees from a different perspective.


Hope whoever reads this enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I did. I really love this set of photos I took and I enjoyed taking them too.

Have a good day everyone!




Nature calls

It’s not what you are thinking, in fact, it’s far from it. Today’s blog is about my trip to St. Stephen’s Green, a park in the middle of Dublin City centre. This park has always been a part of my childhood and for many years my mom would always bring me to this place when we visit Dublin. It was always a pleasant place for me because during this time we would always have food to feed the hungry pigeons and rowdy ducks.Then I would attempt to chase down them in hopes of touching them. It was certainly a marvelous experience. One thing I remember very explicitly was standing beside a passive aggressive swan about to smile for the camera, feeling very nervous and restlessness. Then, before the anticipating camera snapped nature surely called for him/her. Now I know how it worked for them….so I guess the title sort of relates? Believe me, it was not intentional!

So after many years, life got hectic when I entered secondary school and became mainly focused on mountains and mountains of school works and study. Then I grew up and forgot about those magical memories spent there. Today those precious moments resurfaced from my the back of my mind again. The feeling is synonymous with finding and cherishing something you belonged long ago when you were a child/adult- whether it was an old rag doll, a scruffy teddy bear that looks like its half beaten to death or a forgotten elegant locket the feeling is always mutual.  To never forget these moments- not that I would ever forget them I have taken some pictures to complete the trip.

Lake view #1


Lake view #2


Huddling ducks photoshoot


Little waterfall. Do you spot the crane?

Hope you enjoyed reading it and have a good day.


A day to remember

We all live in a world where we forget to experience the true splendor of nature. This week was a new adventure for me and it was in this unexpected time that I felt I truly lived in the moment. Today I went to a place far from where I usually roam. This place was forty-five mins away from my hometown and the car ride was a sleepy one. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, I thought it was going to be one of those mundane trips people go to during summer just because it was vacation time. In truth,it was quite the opposite and I was surprising left very satisfied with this trip. As I have said before I never really wandered quite so far away from home before, albeit excluding overseas. And this experience has taught me quite an immense about my life that I have never known before. For instance, I realized I should probably spend more time living in the moment and not worry about the future or ponder about the past;that I should just take time out to free myself  of any thoughts and watch the beautiful swish of the running waves, hear the cries of the seagulls and smell the salty sea air.

One of the boats that reeled in fresh fish and scampi.

Living in the suburbs never really allowed me to experience the splendors of the sea of any other beautiful natural forms of nature. There was certainly an immense amount of trees where I live but it is nothing compared to the coast. In that moment I think I saw a part of a personal life and way of the fishermen and the way nature is in its own glory that many people rarely glimpse today. Now, Mass Trawlers do the fishing and this way of life becomes almost impersonal and cruel. A part of me just wants to point out how foreign the way nature and the natural world works is to me and I want to understand it so much more. It’s kind of ironic how we live so close to nature but understand so little about in even though it’s outside our doors.What readers reading this might get out of this is, you should probably go out and do something out of your routine. Don’t stress too much about what the next day will bring. When you do get the time (off work preferably) go out with family and enjoy a nice day out, even when it might be gloomy!