My, me and I

Hey Everyone~

You might have guessed from the title today is all about me! (Not in an egotistical sense) But just so you can all get to know me better. When I started blogging, I had so many ideas in my head. Thus it has created an absolute chaos onto my blog, so much so I have forgotten to introduce myself properly. Also I have decided to change my name from “hitherandyond” to a more defining name that speaks to me, simply because it is similar to my real name. 😉

When I started blogging, I had so many ideas in my head. Thus it has created an absolute chaos filled with random thoughts and topic onto my blog, so much so I have forgotten to introduce myself properly with 10 facts about myself.

  1. I was born a twin, not identical. I have a twin sister who is 5 minutes younger than I am. 🙂
  2. I am left-handed! Any left- handed people out there?
  3. I love dogs AND cats. In the future, I would like to adopt either one of them and maybe more.
    This is my sister’s cat. 🙂 
    4. I have four sisters and no brothers. Coincidentally I wrote this for the fourth fact!

5. I don’t drink Coffee and prefer herbal tea over anything else.

Tea anyone?

6. I can speak Mandarin fluently as well as Cantonese, although I am a bit rusty since I haven’t spoken Cantonese in a long time. And of course, English too!

7. The Library used to be my second home, I went there since I was five and till this day I still hold the old addition of the library card. My favorite genre would have to be historical fiction because you get an insight into the past and the lives of people long ago.


Books on my bookshelf. 🙂

8. I dance! Ballet to be more precise. However, I am not the conventional dancer who began discovering the dance world as a young girl. I started quite late at sixteen. It has made me more persistent than ever to defy the standard route for dancers. I also have a dance blog!

9. I love photography, as you might have noticed, especially nature ones.


Love this picture. ❤
10. I grew up watching spirited away, Howl’s Moving Castle and other prominent Studio Ghibli animations. My love of art flourished as a kid. Disney has also been a source of magical moments in my childhood as well as DreamWorks. You could say I have always been an artist at heart.

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know a little about me. As always have a good day and I will see you in my next post. 😉

ps. Thank You for 60 followers! I haven’t been posting an awful lot and the content I have is somewhat random so thank you for being patient and kind. 🙂

Much Love-



Why is life like this? |Thoughts

Looking around the world I see so many things that make me want to cry and angry at the same time. And every day I see what used to be houses turned into crumbling rocks and dust at the feet of families who live in them. I see young children with sad eyes and traumatised faces-innocent little things that should not have to endure and suffer what they have not done. And every day as I go to school and sit in the many tedious classes I have I realize how lucky I am and blessed for the life my parents have worked hard to give me. But I also am aware of how useless I am to do anything.

Afterall, I am just a 17 year old girl. A girl living a life of study, school, exams, and dance and yet, I feel so helpless. I often wonder if everyone feels the same? Do they care? I see my teacher talk about many things but nothing that strikes the topic of what we should care about. People go about their daily lives and feel indifferent to the other people and the world around them. They find means to isolate themselves when in fact this is not the right way at all.

I can only hope people have learned from mistakes from the past and strive to distinguish situations for what is right. Looking at it in a positive light, I think these challenges are good for our world today. The world would a dull place if there weren’t any adversities to overcome right? And, of courses somehow they give us the chance to play heroes. Then everyone will have their own happy ever afters.

Dear readers, what do you think of today’s crisis, I would love to know.

As always, have a good day and see you in my next post.