A day to remember

We all live in a world where we forget to experience the true splendor of nature. This week was a new adventure for me and it was in this unexpected time that I felt I truly lived in the moment. Today I went to a place far from where I usually roam. This place was forty-five mins away from my hometown and the car ride was a sleepy one. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, I thought it was going to be one of those mundane trips people go to during summer just because it was vacation time. In truth,it was quite the opposite and I was surprising left very satisfied with this trip. As I have said before I never really wandered quite so far away from home before, albeit excluding overseas. And this experience has taught me quite an immense about my life that I have never known before. For instance, I realized I should probably spend more time living in the moment and not worry about the future or ponder about the past;that I should just take time out to free myself  of any thoughts and watch the beautiful swish of the running waves, hear the cries of the seagulls and smell the salty sea air.

One of the boats that reeled in fresh fish and scampi.

Living in the suburbs never really allowed me to experience the splendors of the sea of any other beautiful natural forms of nature. There was certainly an immense amount of trees where I live but it is nothing compared to the coast. In that moment I think I saw a part of a personal life and way of the fishermen and the way nature is in its own glory that many people rarely glimpse today. Now, Mass Trawlers do the fishing and this way of life becomes almost impersonal and cruel. A part of me just wants to point out how foreign the way nature and the natural world works is to me and I want to understand it so much more. It’s kind of ironic how we live so close to nature but understand so little about in even though it’s outside our doors.What readers reading this might get out of this is, you should probably go out and do something out of your routine. Don’t stress too much about what the next day will bring. When you do get the time (off work preferably) go out with family and enjoy a nice day out, even when it might be gloomy!